Registration for CSI-G 2015 Begins!

Registration for CSI-G is by phone until 31 October 2015 when online registration becomes operational. Registration for all CSI-G classes starts on 13 October at 8:30 AM Central.

If you’d like to register by phone, please have the following course information handy:

  • Refining Internet and Digital Skills for Genealogy (coordinator Cyndi Ingle)–Sandburg Course number:L EIC00600 (54213) -$400
  • Advanced Methodology and Analysis (coordinator Michael John Neill)–Sandburg Course number: LEIC00602 (54215) -$400
  • The Advancing Genealogist: Research Standards, Tools, and Sources (coordinator Debbie Mieszala, CG)–Sandburg Course number: LEIC00601 (54214) -$400
  • Germanic Research Sources and Methods (coordinator Teresa McMillin, CG)–Sandburg Course number LEIC00603 (54231) -$400

The meal plan is optional ($150) and is Sandburg Course number LEIC00604 (54232). The meal plan does not have to be added at your initial registration.

The College needs to reach an enrollment threshold in order to cover institute expenses. We ask that registrants not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until we’ve confirmed to registrants that the enrollment threshold has been met. Since this is the first time we’ve offered CSI-G we don’t have a good estimate of what our enrollment will be.

Registrants will need a debit or credit card to process payment.

To register by phone, call:

  • Linda Hankins, Administrative Assistant, CME / Community Education at 309-345-3501. Linda will respond to voicemails in the order received and can be reached via email at
  • If Linda is unavailable, and you really want to talk to a human, Nancy Randall, Records / Registration Specialist, can be called at 309-341-5260.

About Galesburg, Illinois

For those who would like to know a little more about Galesburg, Illinois (where CSI-Genealogy is held), these sites may be helpful:

Galesburg is also within driving distance of Springfield, Illinois (home of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the Illinois State Archives).

Coordinators and Instructors

Course Coordinators


Cyndi Ingle

Cyndi Ingle is the owner and creator of Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet,, a categorized index to over 333,000 online resources. Cyndi’s List is an award-winning site which helps millions of visitors worldwide. Cyndi, a genealogist for more than 34 years, is a past-member of the board of directors for the National Genealogical    Society. She is the author of three books for genealogical research on the Internet titled, Netting Your Ancestors, Cyndi’s List, and Planting Your Family Tree Online: How To Create Your Own Family History Web Site. Cyndi is coordinating REFINING INTERNET AND DIGITAL SKILLS FOR GENEALOGY.


Debra Mieszala, CG

Debra Mieszala, CGSM has taught at IGHR, SLIG, and GRIP. Debbie specializes in forensic genealogy, 20th century research, and the Midwest. She conducts genealogical research for the military to locate relatives of service members missing in past wars, and formerly did adoption-related research as a Confidential Intermediary in Illinois. A national-level lecturer and author, Debbie’s work has been published in NGS Magazine, The Digital Genealogist, and OnBoard! She is a Trustee for the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Debbie is an alumnus of IGHR, NIGR, and GRIP. CG 438 (18 Jan 2002). Debra is coordinating THE ADVANCING GENEALOGIST: RESEARCH STANDARDS, TOOLS, & RECORDS.

Teresa S. McMillin, CG

Teresa S. McMillin, CG

Teresa S. McMillin, CGSM has had a life-long passion for genealogy. In 2006, Teresa founded Lind Street Research, a company dedicated to helping clients trace their German ancestry. Since then, she has helped many people discover their family history. Teresa also writes family history books and is a popular speaker for local and national genealogical societies. Teresa is the author of the Guide to Hanover Military Records, 1514-1866 , on Microfilm at the Family History Library. Teresa is coordinating GERMANIC RESEARCH SOURCES AND METHODS.

Michael John Neill

Michael John Neill

Michael John Neill, MS (Mathematics) has been actively engaged in genealogical research for over thirty-five years. He currently writes “Genealogy Tip of the Day” and the how-to newsletter Casefile Clues. Michael has led research trips to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. He has a master’s degree in mathematics and is on the faculty of Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. He has extensively researched his children’s ancestry in most states east of the Mississippi River and several European countries, including Germany, Sweden, and England. Research interests include Ostfriesen immigrants, the immigrant experience and women’s personal and property rights.  Michael John is coordinating ADVANCED METHODOLOGY AND ANALYSIS.


Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CGSM is an IGHR and NIGR alumnus, and has taught at SLIG. She earned a BA (History) and a second year certificate in publishing. Jeanne is an expert in several areas including Chicago, forensic, problem–solving, and African American research. Jeanne appeared on Who Do You Think You Are?  She is a Trustee and Treasurer for the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

Dr. Michael D. Lacopo is a life-long resident of northern Indiana.  He began his genealogical research in 1980.  He appeared in USA TODAY in 2000 and has lectured locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally since 2004.  His research strengths involve Mennonite families, Pennsylvania Germans, immigrant ancestry and Midwest/Middle Atlantic research (IN, OH, IL, MI, and PA).  He has a passion for incorporating social history into research and promotes “story telling” when discussing ancestors. His blog, “Hoosier Daddy?, narrates his own research adventures.

Rev. David McDonald, D. Min., CGSMis an IGHR and NIGR alumnus. He taught in Course 9 (Government Documents) at IGHR in 2014. A practicing minister with graduate and post-graduate degrees in theology, Dave is well-versed in the topic of church records. He has lectured on and written about religious records and denominations, and has specifically geared those sessions toward genealogists. Board-certified genealogist since 2004; current trustee (since 2008) and past president (2010-12).

Registration Starts Monday 13 October

Registration for CSI-Genealogy 2015 starts on Monday 13 October–at 8:30 AM Central time. Please check back to our main page for details on how to register.

We are offering four classes:

CSI-Genealogy is from 28 May 2015-1 June 2015 at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois.

Take Amtrak to CSI-Genealogy

Amtrak - GE P42DC - Heritage Phase III Livery Amtrak goes right through Galesburg, with four trains to and from Chicago daily. The California Zephyr and the Southwest Chief coming from the west pass through daily as well. Consider taking the train as your means of arriving in Galesburg. Visit for daily schedule information.

Our Sponsor: Carl Sandburg College

CSI-Genealogy is sponsored by Carl Sandburg College and offered through the college’s Business and Community Education department. The College has been honored for its technology innovations and prides itself on being responsive to the educational and occupational needs of its residents.

The college is completely wireless–unusual in Illinois among community colleges of it’s size and attendees of CSI-Genealogy will have complimentary wireless during the duration of the institute.

The college has made serious capital commitments to remaining on the cutting edge of technology and all CSI-G sessions will be held in state of the art classrooms equipped with modern presentation technology. Our coordinators and instructors will not have to bring their own equipment.

For more information on Carl Sandburg College and its mission, check out the College website.

Michael John Neill has been on the math faculty of Carl Sandburg College since 1992.